hatchback buffet

hatchbackc buffet i call it
as sole, mahogany and i
feast on the two cashew cheeses, sweet red pepper slices, celery stalks, cucumber rounds and pesto grown/brought from
their sourthern oregon farm

the simple one-sound noise
sole and mahogany use to locate each other
through the trees,
sole and i on the road and mahogany moving up
towards the fenceline where last year
he found the huge chicken of the woods

at the end of the day
of the final cook
eastwinders (with sandhillers) hosting a small
‘talent’ show in the living room
including the knuckle tatt game which leaves us with these four letter pairings:
meat trip
fuck soup
fast fist
moon stic
lost glow
powr butts
ripe cozy
dope dirt
runi love


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