the deep-blueing

the lone dried sorghum leaf
carried high into the air (dancing)
by today’s 20-some mile-an-hour winds
ellena, dottie and i watching the leaf dance
from our perch atop a wagon of cane
as cynthia drives it back
towards the mill

cynthiaand i sliding boxes of product jars
into the back of the beatup toyota truck
at the zimmerman’s wholesale dock

frantic-seeming honeybees going after
whatever pollen they can gather
in the flower bed where i clip globe amaranth heads and a buckeye butterfly
pauses close enough that i can lean in
and inspect closely

the baby (who just started walking two weeks ago)
called baby 
grabbing em’s water cup off the porch table and dumping it
on the floor
and emory’s exaggerated/bemused/exasperation and my
what it might be like to have a younger sibling response

the quick two and a half buckets of
amish paste tomatoes that i pull from the vines and off the ground
in between rounds of cane pickup
giving full meaning to the sentiment of
when its on, it’s on

hottest october 17th on record in st. louis
illy reports
and i keep calling our 88 degree day
summer’s last gasp

dottie diving to the ground
to talk into a stunted sorghum cane stalk (one foot tall) mic
80 gallons kris says
of how much sorghum we’ve cooked today
and me not knowing whether this is high or low asks and kris says
it’s an awesome amount
the red embers carried
by the breezes up and out of the
boiler stack
against the deep-blueing
of post-sunset sky
fullish moon as seen through
trees on walk from whitehouse through orchard to sugar shack
for late day clean up
9pm, ty, dotti and i pausing
to take its antique light in

from the water world:

A Sri Lankan bathes with water collected from a leaking pipeline near a polluted canal on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. – voice of america day in photos


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