i have to lean in

i feel so human, so happy to have met you she who i met yesterday because of a typewriter,
because of a poem,
because of a sitting at a table along the river with sandhills sorghum and mustard and horseradish and honey at it,
because of the upcoming election
because of her son,
writes to me

whenever i see a tall weed dottie says
passing a fox tail
i have to lean in and talk into it like it’s a mic
the juniper berries that keep dropping
from the cedar tree
whose shade under which we sit
while sorting tepary seed from pod
(the ‘we’ means mostly dottie and i,
but also a little bit tomcat
and i make any possible joke/pun i can
with the word ‘tepary’
(including tepary tattoo)
earth pig’s perfect lemon meringue tartlets and pie
set out with dinner their magnificent peaks
from the water world:

A boy plays in a swollen creek under a bridge in Manila,Philippines. Typhoon Sarika lashed the main Philippine island of Luzon, flattening homes and toppling trees and power pylons as more than 12,000 people fled to safer ground, officials said. Shanties built beside a river, under a creek are the usual victims of floodings – voice of america, day in photos

Indonesian Muslims cast a hoyak tabuik, a model of a mythical Islamic steed, into the sea during the Hoyak Tabuik festival in Pariaman on West Sumatra.- voice of america, day in photos


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