the ridiculousness of the tetris-ing

ashby the cat trotting with cynthia and i out
to the last sorghum field to be stripped and cut and then
wandering his way around in the field as we work our way through and then
following the crew of us back in

sound of what seems like spring peepers
out near karma pond
among the night chorus of crickets
duck we joke about
rolling incognito as 
ty, cyn and dottie and i
head zimm’s wards
cigarette smoke and 
laughter rising from white house ront porch
which is covered in moonglow
one night shy of full

carrying your words i say i write you close to my heart

meet at the cart tyler and i spread the word through the field
person to person until we are all gathered there, 
most of us ground-sprawling and a few of us still donning work gloves

cyn and i loading up
for the folk life festival
laughing at the ridiculousness 
of the tetris-ing


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