cooking in quiet and in conversation

field crew
layer-wrapped in the chill
after a 40ish degree night
as we walk toward field four
but not long into
stripping and deheading (sorghum)
we shed layers
at ends of rows or
near the cart that carries
the workgloves and water and sometimes apple snacks
the shing shing shiiing! of baigz’s machete blade
as he works his way
jumping up w/ ninja poses
up/down the sorghum field slicing off the seed heads
sending them and their flag leaves flying
in all directions
and how he apologizes
when a seedhead lands at my feet

how two of my paces
fit inside tomcat’s one
as we walk up underpass
towards the next field
not knowing each other well but
answering best we can
in the short walk
how things in our worlds have been

a name for the feeling of looking up and being surprised by
a view i didn’t expect to see
(the western horizon appearing
-something about how this field and me in it
are oriented, contrary to how i thought we’d be oriented –
how the floodplain spreads out before it
as seen through stripped-bare stalks
of sorghum)

gloves wet with
morning dew and
yesterdays rain
tossed onto sun-spilled ground so that
they might dry a little during lunch
how i thank earthpig
for cooking in quiet and in conversation
as we circle around the butcher block featuring
a feast of:
massaged kale salad
tomato salad
brown rice
chana masala
sweet potato fries and garbanzo gravy
plus a desert on the side table
of chocolate pudding pie
thank you she writes for giving me a new name,
for taking the chance to ask me to walk up A mountain,
for teaching me how to make cheese and crackers –
for hoeing and singing and reading me poems

cynthia and ty and i
gathered to check out the
dave chapelle prince skit
where prince and his crew
challenge charlie murphy and his crew
to a game of basketball which
murphy declared shirts versus blouses


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