pulling at the root

rattle of tepary beans
in their dried pods
as i wrestle the vines from the ground –
pulling at the root

the pink swollenness of trish’s
stung hand as she spoons dinner
from the potluck spread
onto her plate
andre the swiss carpenter talking about
the view from the towering lookout in winter
and asks the word for the white stuff in the air
to which i first respond snow
and then fog
(to which he says yes)
i say we are family here
and then also use the word unattached
which is a word i’m pretty sure i’ve
never used to describe myself
(in terms of relationships)
and i don’t know why i’m
using it now
but perhaps because i don’t care
to go into the technicalities/details

how it seems we can’t
stop laughing in mica’s living room
during some moments of the ridiculous movie called
all while i see with my fingers
the tepary beans i collect from their pods
in the darkness
vein after vein
of hot white light
scraggling down from sky
appearing to touch ground
as seen from the rise of red earth


from the water world:

A driver education vehicle is seen submerged in floodwaters following Hurricane Matthew in Lumberton, North Carolina.


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