the new austerity

the new austerity stan quotes joseph
in regards to borrowing the water heater from karma
to replace the busted one in sugar shack rather than
buying a new one

mica explaining the red hemogoblin (not to be confused with hemoglobin)
halloween costume idea
on the front porch
as she brings moistened labels
one by one
to the clean curve of glass
on the jars she’s labeling
uncle frank joseph greets me
from the other side of steam and screen
through sugar shack window from where he
oversees the liquid turning syrup
to where i perch
at my steam boiler post

how i move towards and away
from the red red hot hot heat
to feed the boiler
mighty hunks
of split and sometimes gnarled wood

occasional drop of water
dripping from gauge onto fire brick
so hot the drip immediately evaporates
after it lands

the steam/piston darth vader breath rhythm
of the boiler whose pressure gauge and water gauge
i monitor
in the early afternoon light
whose pure bright
(something about its angle
on these autumal days – long light)
i can barely get over
and the heat from the patch of it
that lands along the exposed
stretch of my neck
marshmallow pieces em says
of the special surprise ingredient
in his concoction
of granola plus dried apricot pieces, and min chocolate chips
and a marshmallow ripped into pieces floating
in the granola concoction milk
in his bowl
a spoonful i say when he asks
if i want some

the great whoosh of wind
that tousles treetops out there in the dark
as the cold front moves in
alongside the bright flash
of heat/cold colliding
from the water world:

People wade across a flooded street while Hurricane Matthew passes through Port-au-Prince, Haiti. – voice of america, day in photos


Migrants try to pull a child out of the water as they wait to be rescued by members of Proactiva Open Arms NGO in the Mediterranean Sea, some 12 nautical miles north of Libya. – voice of america, day in photos


A man pulls a fishing net on a traditional boat during sunset on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir. – voice of america, day in photos


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