pink ribbon cloud shreds
strung across 7am sky
as i head mill-wards
where willow and i
will feed cane
to the marvelous metal rollers
of the great-geared machine

how emory notices the bright white
(spotted black) cow
through the thin swath of woods
between where we are outside the sugar shack
and where the cow moves slowly across 
the plowed-in field
that has a number that i can’t remember.
something about this fall light and how bright it makes the white parts of the cow glow.
and something about emory edging closer and just watching for a while
which he never does with creatures (always touching, catching, smooshing etc) – but this one’s size
is to its advantage
like family dean says about us
and chris agrees
while we sit around the heating-up boiler
and i want to say something
about how we value and care about them too
as emory presents the box of doughnuts dean brought
but i don’t know what/how
but hope they both know anyway
emory holding out his rainbow sprinkled doughnut
and me leaning in to chomp a bite
and me holding out a half of a plain glazed doughnut
for him to take a bite

the stream of thick syrup
(sorghum) slow-pouring out of the spiggot
where i fill cases of glass jars
with its sweetness
the glowing things we see over the edge
of the creekbridge
female fireflies she guesses
magical specks of bioluminescenty (though maybe not bioluminescent at all) light
in the darkness the night has become
manila envelope stuffed, pillowlike, with
one pound and two ounces
of amish paste tomato seed
not a bad bounty, not bad at all


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