especially the indigo

the fine, barely even existing mist
landing on face curves
on exposed shoulders
and the shine it lays over the
pebbles in the path
the swoosh-swish of a wave/sea
of red winged blackbirds
lifting off from field and taking to sky/electrical wire
as i run underneath their air dance
just before crossing the steel plates
on the train bridge
the part of me that says maybe i’ll only do seven reps
on this mornings interval run losing to the part of me that
says go ahead, try it
about doing all nine
as the training schedule suggests

like a regular old polar bear dip i call out
from somewhere near the middle of the pond
in the cool waters that seem to warm
with this movement of limbs
the crinkle of the edamame germination test project
(seeds wrapped in damp cloth and zipped into
several different baggies)
in hoodie pocket
as i move

five mile morning run with
afternoon ultimate frisbee on top i say
collapsing onto kitchen couch before dinner
today’s sky: varied gray patchwork
moving slowly over
how the colors in everything else come out
especially the indigo bursts
of wild morning glory
vining across the grapes
in the black currants
and among the compost piles

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