bringing out the sweetness

how she edits herself outloud, changing something about
talking soon in the near future
to gratitude for this moment

the hum of someone’s combine in the distance
as heard from all edges of field three A
someone at the wheel working their way through this year’s soy or corn harvest
while we, work-gloved, work our way up/down rows of towering sorghum
(some at least 15 feet tall)
stripping leaves and snapping seed heads

the burst-flavor of sungolds and how
the temperature change (from warm to cool) changes them, 
bringing out the sweetness
the spill of blue and black and white feathers
in the path on our way to field three,
a dejavu of yesterday’s spill of feathers
found on the path out the the broom corn
only they were all red
the quiet quiet of no moonstar-the-cat
meowing at my window
at the end of the day
reminds me of a dear friend from undergrad i tell caleb
about the smell of hot metal

issac teaching us
bookbinding with cardboard and
somehow the ongoing joke becomes about cutco
a built in advertisement

from the water world:

Rescuers evacuate flood-affected children in Ningde, eastern China’s Fujian province. Typhoon Megi smashed into the Chinese mainland, killing one person, after leaving a trail of destruction and four people dead in Taiwan. – voice of america, day in photos


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