singing sweet rising

sound of singing sweet rising from
white two room mennonite schoolhouse as i
run past then circle back where the gravel of
chaney road hits the blacktop of highway w

hum-buzz of hummingbirds diving in
and out of zinnias as i clip brown dead heads
off for seed
while adam and alicia’s laughter rises
from the asparagus patch they weed
a few beds over

first the sweating from
grub hoeing in the
scythed weeds in the old onion beds
in the unusual late-september heat
and then how we haul huge carts of hay
for our garden bed retiring project
all on top of this morning’s four-mile run
today is a great day
of embodiment
the cool patches of pond water i move through
arms as oars
water washing sweat and moldy hay dust away
tropical is the best i can do
to describe the palette of
sun and sky as the great star
dips down into horizon as seen
from where i sit on the dusty rock road
where gibbous purrs and circles around me

from the water world:

Fabienne Rochat-Jaeggi comes out of the Joux lake after her morning swim on a warm autumn day in Le Pont, Switzerland. –
voice of america, day in photos


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