the necessaryness

trish describing a wild cranberry bog
in minnesota
the soft feel underfoot
as we wait for other frisbee players to arrive
and christina and i both laughing
about the goofyness of that word
which trish seems to repeat a million times
in the box! in the box! trish
calls out

while our team of two plays hotbox
against christina and mica
it was a harvest moon last night
ty says

and partial solar eclipse
somewhere out there
beneath the pale moonlight
mica and i singing

like we’re in a musical
with dramatic gestures
and very loudly
as we climb/descend the steps
leading to the whitehouse
already full on lunch but i cannot help
hitting that rainbow-sprinkled doughnut
sliced wedge by wedge
in the mixed box from dean
perched on snack counter

the bright green of and steam rising from
edamame scooped out of boiling pot
as i process what ends up being 12 quarts
of pop-into-your-mouth protein
tookie and isabelle
doing that side-glance
that musicians do with each other
as they sing the song on the porch couch
about vapin the pepto bismal

the necesarryness
that exists sometimes
for a door to close
at sunset
to a clean clean room
something fortifying
in this
moonstar, the all black-cat
with one gray hair on her forehead
who was the runt that emory wanted
and is therefore small
purr-curling zipped up in my hoodie
rhythmic sleep-breathing


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