the lowing and keening

how most of us
cannot help but laugh as we
pump our arms speedwalking across the field and
reaching mechanically for the disc
during the walking point start to our
3 on 3 frisbee game
the three furrows i make

in half a bed in the hoophouse
after pulling aside the mulch
and the sprinkling of round brown brassica seeds
(which i like to call brass for short)
into them
how it feels good to have all the right tools in the cart
how it feels good to give the process the time it needs
how it feels good to water them in
a toast to life
the lowing and keening of the cows down the road
heard from at least a mile off
as i approach on foot during sunset walk
cursing the humans
for separating the babes from their mamas
like this
moon already high and hazey
and almost full
how it paints the dimming sky
with yellow/old light
from the water world:
People wade through a road turned red with blood from sacrificial animals on Eid al-Adha that mixed with water from heavy rainfall, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. – voice of america, day in photos


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