the shiny time

sound of spoon stirring against plastic cup
how i go for the gatorade (dissolving powder in water)
while mica sips her morning coffee
and says something like
it’s the shiny time again of the sun
on the moving surface
of the lake’s water

the squeak of whatever those rubber/plastic things are called
that one places between boat and dock to minimize
the damage of the rubbing
while we discuss our relationship to the terms jock/athlete/sporty
as we take in the windy wave choppy water forested hills view
and take the sun and wind on our faces

always drumming, always singing
coming from somewhere
trish says
about the celebratory state of standing rock
and war cries while the drones kept flying
and the construction was halted

what’s a war cry emory asks
and trish mentions the movement
of the tongue
at the announcement of our harness quotas rising
from sixty to eighty all i say is i’m glad you’re calling them (what we were once referring to as triangles)
by their proper name (trapezoids)
tyler in karma kitchen where he gathers
seed out of the sweet orange peppers
and chops their flesh into strips
then squares (roughly)
talking about baklavah and colfax street
(a strip that goes on 
for fourteen miles or so)

moon bright in the east sky while i work my way
up/down the rows of amish paste tomatoes
harvesting bucketfuls


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