the liberties we take

the fog
so much of it and so uncapturable
its own creature
moving while not lifting or drifting
(is there a name for this kind of movement?
slow-swirling? hovering?)
just over the surface of forest lake
in the early light of morning
and if there is a point at all to this race
in this moment i would say
it is an excuse, a reason
to gather humans to witness
this stunning phenomena


this side you are allowed to see i say
to cyn and mica in our
awakingness about the side of the poster that says
you got this
surrounded by a heart
and then there are the first splashes in the distance
on the cold lake’s surface
where pairs of arms
lift out and cut in again
as the swimmers pull their bodies
(in a pod at front
and more spread out after that)
a mighty fleet of humans moving

and if there is another reason for this race
(and for my position outside of it)
it is to see all these bodies
one at a time
emerging from the water
in so many different shapes
and how many at the front
challenge my notions
of what kinds of bodies i think
of when i think triathalon frontrunners
and how i want to turn to someone and say
fuckyeah with them
over this revealing/celebration
loaning my sparkly kercheif
to cynthia
for speed and magic
as she talks about how next year
she’s really going to bring it
(in terms of style
and i’m thinking gold onesie)
the sign that i made last night
that mica and cynthia were not allowed to look at
which, on one side, reads: run like lightning
and on the other: bike like a blast off
with appropriate illustrations
held out at the right moments and
tucked under my arm
you got this!
lookin good!
race ya! i call out
to mica
to cynthia
amongst the smell of fallen leaves
and the sound of bagpipes lifting
down by the water
classic rock rising
from the picnic shelter
playlist includes but is not limited to:
teenage wasteland
smoke on the water
don’t fear the reaper
eye of the tiger
running the first mile with mica
then finding cynthia to run the last mile at her side
and joining up with mica again
for that last mile
how some people mistake me
for a participant
which i think is hilarious
given the cat leggings and skirt

if you ever spend time at thousand hills state park
in kirksville missouri
i suggest you skip the petroglyphs
unless you are a fan of seeing things
like a cat pacing
back forth back forth back forth back forth
in its netted-in zoo area
the liberties we take
playing quiddle
at the kitchen table in the state park cabin
that is more like a hotel room
while eating a toastered/microwaved version
of a grilled cheese

goop i call it
instead of goo
in reference to the energy gels

and mica corrects me

tossing the frisbee
we agree on 5 more forehands
5 more backhands
and one stylethrow
which ends up including fake ballerina moves
and kartwheels and
interpretive dance motions


we spend a good half hour scanning
the satellite tv stations and in the end
we just want to read our books
which is what we do


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