on the cool waves of wind

aware of the ridiculousness of this statement
i announce that i think i broke my toe doing yoga
(tho later realizing, thanks to a symptom comparison list
on the internet)
that it’s more of a strain/sprain

i’ll trade you some of your toe pain for some of my stress 
mica says in the office where she temporarily is
because her electricity is on the fritz
dumb jokes ooooooh lah lah lah lah emory and i sing along together
after we watch the dumb jokes song video
where some of the jokes aren’t funny
but some of them do make me laugh
including my all time favorite: what did the zero say to the eight?
hey, nice belt.
and later, we hold up our toes, comparing/sharing
our common stub-inducing conundrum: that our first toes are longer than our big toes

it takes one gallon of water i overhear
to grow an almond

i just love people right now
adrienne, who i just meet because of the typewriter i sit behind 
says on the front porch of the mercantile
on the edge of the end of her
heart-opening travels

summer, age seven, using a typewriter
for the first time, how i cheer her on
when she gets the key punch instead of the press-down
clacking out the letters of her name
of her sisters name
of anything else she wants to spell/write
and the not shy but not unshy smile on her face as she looks off
into the distance
a signal of something
so alive in her
that i lean into/soak up/encourage out


first autumn geese sounds of heard this year
of the migratory birds flying overhead
how i walk around the cedar tree to find them
first one, then a string of four flying low
just ahead (or maybe right on) the cool waves of wind
coming in in front of thick dark quick clouds
that blot out what’s left of the day’s light
why does the feeling unsettled have to feel bad she asks when the act of settling (as in “settlers”) is what’s bad
spaciousness she says
naming what i’ve given/allowed
in terms of gender/sex
in a way that no one has held for me before


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