alive with light

every day for the rest of his life
the vet assistant says
of the medication for ashby the cat’s urinary tract crystals
ashby simultaneously mesmerized and
freaked out by the zooming-past view
out the passenger side window and through the
windshield and out the rear view
his body sometimes slide-slipping off
the too-sloped dashboard
i am a commitment
to a holy life i say
and let the goosebumps and gutpunch
do their thing while not worrying
what the weird word holy means
to others
abundance bruin says
how even choice is abundant
and breathing is abundant – we all
have access to breath,
regardless of race, class or gender
abundance is something we have to
recover into

half a three-gallon bucket
of gems
(sungold and some other red cherry tomato(
plucked from the ever-growing viney branches
stretching skywards in south garden

i’m trying to eat a hamburger in every state
trish’s voice on speakerphone drifts
from the couch on the kitchen to
the dining room table where mica, calvin, kathleen and i
play code names using
black and tan crokinole pieces
in place of red and blue poker chips
missouri, iowa, minnesota, north dakota
there will be helicopters, etc.
trish says about

the difficulty of being in contact
while at standing rock
rain pointing on front porch roof

with plastic buckets placed according to the leaks
as cool wet breezes waft in opened windows
where we guess words
by first discussing
then pointing
post-storm sky
still alive with light flicker-crackling
across it


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