emerged (skywards)

in the range of three to seven points i say
about the buck that appeared on the gravel
twenty feet ahead of me on my morning run
and how his antlers were the only thing showing
after he leapt into the tall field of the neighbors soy
and then his whole body emerged (skywrds) again as he bounded through
the moment ashby goes from being chill
and carried in my arms to
entire tense body, claws out,
the impulse to dart (but my grip firm)
as we approach the 4 door we call ruthie
inquisitive cynthia says in the driver’s seat
to describe ashby’s distress calls coming from
inside the plastic carrier as we hurtle along on the blacktop
and they are: short meows that go up in pitch
at the end like questions

this one’s for you ashby i call out
to the dusty pasteling sky and bright slice of moon
wedged into the scene/scape
as the gravel crunches under my sandals on the back road
while ashby the cat who often joins me on such jaunts
spends the eve in the posh air conditioning
(and sadly restrictive cage, large though it is)
at the vet
plucking fat red ruby round fruits
from their (some thriving, some blighty and withered) vines
trellised and stretching in the lookfar gardens
showering the itchy scratchies 
(from wading through the zinnia patch to collect dead heads for seed-saving)
in the outdoor shower and how grand it is,
the light on the sheen-shines of wet skin and the air
moving over it


this is not a potluck-sized slice i say
about the butter gold crumbly crusted
apple pie i scoop onto my plate
which forkful by forkful
i eat on the front porch while darien talk fall and winter
the distressed moos
which don’t sound like moos at all
coming from the calves separated from their mamas and held in
by the corral fencing and just like i said on yesterday’s sunset walk
(about the young ones calling, pleading, worked up for their parents)
this sucks


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