how i can look out the kitchen window and love a tree

daycation i call it
this impromptu road trip south
to columbia
(which we pronounce colombia now and then)-
a town that boasts novelties of things like
bike racks and sidewalks and doughnuts and
vintage shops and a non-profit independent cinema
wes anderson i say of the dress
that cynthia says something brownie-ish/girl scout ish about
which fits perfect but i leave on the rack anyway
still warm slice of best bread i’ve maybe ever tasted
which hannah hands me from the loaves that tim baked
in a batch of two
how i can look out the kitchen window
and love a tree
which reminds me i can (and do) love trees and land anywhere
yes, even in san diego, i found the cactus garden,
the invasive eucalyptus, the jacaranda
the taste of my very first paw paw
(cultivated, not wild)
and the clink of the seeds we clean and
toss into the small bowl
on a table int eh back yard where hannah, cynthia and i sit
warm-hot caramel meets
cold scoop of chocolate hand made ice cream
that i savor-spoon into my mouth
as we sidewalk-ramble
through the night town

the delight that comes in
as the opening frames roll on the screen
of the indie non-profit cinema –
partially just because it exists and partially
because i get to be here, taking it all in
how the face of one of the actors, sad in the front seat
at the thought of his dad in the hospital,
reminds me of another face
which reminds me of my fingers
feathery and tender tracing
chest scars
a name for the joy of being one in a mini-sea
(of three) red rear bike blinking lights
while pedaling the paved streets of town
through the dark
this is the best hill
hannah calls out from ahead of us
as she begins the swoop curve
downwards and to the the left

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