how it is not quite ‘tricking’
but somehow, i get emory
(who often says
‘ill just sit and watch’
when we invite him to join us in the gardens
or other various things that one
might call work)
to help me as i kama the tall grass around karma down
and he transports the small piles
into the big pile
stationed near the potted lemon tree
that we drag inside every winter
and outside every spring
emory and i walking the rows
of tomatoes both of us exclaiming
when we find a fat worm on a leaf/branch,
feasting, before we grab it and drop it in
the plastic container to hold his bait for fishing
near the fabius bridge off A later tonight
(we are hornworm hunting)
and, if emory makes a loud exclamation,
it’s one of two things:
1. he found a worm
2. he stepped on a rotten smashed tomato with his bare feet
how i can hear munching
which i think is coming from under the mulch
of the tomato beds but then
when i call em over to listen
he points to the tupperware holding
the fat hornworms
that munch on the leaves and tomatoes
em and i put in there
for their hunger/comfort
emory and zane practicing
on the drive to zim’s
ordering their cones
by each of them saying every other word:
        ice cream

joy is with me
in the two stainless steel bowls i carry back
to the whitehouse,
one filled with cherry tomatoes (mostly sungold select)
and one filled with parsley
a bit foggy headed while cooking
partly because of the hives
and partly because of the new territory
which isn’t that complex but
i do believe i’ve never made a pasta bar here before
on the butcher block as we circle for dinner:
penne pasta with chimichurri,
grated organic cheddar cheese,
corn cut off the cob with a knife,
sungold tomatoes oven roasted with onion,
steamed broccoli,
tamari seeds (pumpkin and sunflower),
bowl of edamame
cucumber tomato basil salad,
and the usual array of ferments
in mason jars
lined up
thought i’d let you all know
that i’ve got a nice case of hives
in addition to the chiggers
i announce during dinner
on the front porch
from the water world:
A man steers a wooden boat through dead fish in a breeding pond at the Maninjau Lake in Agam regency, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. – voice of america, day in photos


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