after four days of awayness

the sweet slow steady sound
of light rain on roof/land/ground
i read the poem with three post scripts aloud
in celebration of rachels upcoming 33rd (jesus year)
rotation around the sun
before she reads her
list of intentions
powering up the new graveled road
with packed panniers
this is insistence
and will
on the tellie with shiz as she walks
from walgreen zebra and i want to make a vow
that i will never have another
i-can-barely-hear-you phone convo
with shitty signal no matter how much i adore
the person on the other end
emory catching a glimpse of
the black cat up on slater’s hill at the base
of one of the great oaks and how we
can’t tell if it’s moonstar or a cat bigger than moonstar
when she comes running towards,
her think squiggle-like movements reveal her
the smoke that fills the kitchen
as trish roasts peppers in the wok
on the stovetop
how twice i drop trou in the kitchen
to show my maybe horrible chiggers/maybe horrible rash
(regardless of which, it itches all over like hell)
pocking my white ass all kinds
of reds and pinks
steroid delivery baigz calls out
from the other side of my
closed door
the empty sill of my narrow window
where moonstar usually camps out
(it seems 4 days of my awayness
was enough to break her habit, temporarily,
of coming around)

from the water world:
An Iranian swimming in Urmia Lake near Urmia, northwestern Iran. – voice of america, day in photos


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