our own reasons for aloneness

6:40 am meg waking me with her
which means i get to take in
the fog laid across the curves of the land
and toss the tough dog frisbee
while still in my
tank top and underwear pajamas combo
costume completed with muck boots two sizes too big
taking a window-tour
of the homestead and shutting each one
to seal out the wall of insect sound
(crickets, katydids, grasshoppers, cicadas)
that, at this time of year, can do weird things to my
like michael jordan trish says
about the jump-up hi-five in
splits formation
post-game just before we
head pondwards
you know how to tell a dog’s temperature
chad calls out already on his way
down the pond-side path
it’s how far a dog’s tongue sticks out
it doesn’t make you want to run/go away
she asks about naming feelings

she’d rather not have
absolutely not
i say

from my perch in the pillowed rocking chair
behind which meg pants on the cool floor
kim and i on backstep landing
taking in the pink smudge
across sky
sharing our own reasons
for aloneness

is that just ducks doing their thing
i ask of all the squawking drifting over
from penn and laura’s  place
and kim says yes and also mentions
geese and guinea fowl
which makes more sense

mica says you’re going to write all day tomorrow
and kick ass and i tell her she is going to kick ass
on her run
and there is lots of laughter in there because it becomes one of those
spiraling jokes
wound around itself
mobius strip-like meaning:
it could keep going and going


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