generally what we long for is bigger than just survival

it’s those cleats mica calls out and
it feels good when people keep calling out
nice cut
nice throw
and general cheers for feats of speed
and agility
on the frisbee field
where some days i feel on and some days i don’t
and today is one of the on days
we should take a video of this conversation and post it
i joke as mark, mica, meggie and i,
walking from field to pond,
try to get the facts clear on the hole in the ozone
(if there’s a hole, and the problem is things heating up,
wouldn’t the heat actually leak out of it?
what does the ozone do?
maybe the heat does escape, but it’s heating up so much
that not enough escapes for it)
yeah and link it to dancing rabbit/ask a rabbit mica says
and we are all laughing at the ridiculousness of our
ignorance/unable to answer our own questions
snapping corn ears off and i’m listening to trish’s
getting loopy in the corn story
from the time she worked the harvest in the huge fields
and how at some point
her and her fellow workers would just start yelling out CORN
back and forth
hearing but not seeing each other (in all the tallness)
and even though trish isn’t actually telling this story
right here/right now,
it lives in these rows
in this harvest
and this is what i mean by
time doesn’t exist/is always collapsing
toyota truck bed piled with the sweet corn
we pushed aside the 5-foot tall weeds to harvest
and of course, there are the requisite shuck you
shuck off
and getting the shuck outta here
and mothershucker jokes

to be had

steam rising off
the bright yellow sweet kernels of
this year’s first taste
of butter-melted, salt-sprinkled
corn chomped off the cob
the slimy sludgy stuff at the tips
of most ears as we shuck them
and the squirming worms that live inside
the action
he says is in service of what you care about
and long for in life –
generally what we long for is
bigger than just survival

affirming and meeting yourself
exactly where you are it is
a radical act in a world of

joseph thinking he overheard me sing/exclaim

the word coitus just before dinner circle
and how we get from there somehow
to beavis and butthead and i say something like
don’t even get me started
(meaning, if i utter even so much as a word
in one of their voices
it will take me hours
to stop )
9:30 pm i turn out the lights

to watch the lightning
keep filling and leaving the room
moonstar the cat curled
in her small softness
on my chest
from the water world:


A villager pushes a bicycle as he crosses a flooded road at Naraha on the outskirts of Allahabad, India. – voice of america, day in photos



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