filing away at the edges

emory perched on wood shop work bench
filing away at the edges of a found machete
that he is transforming into a double edged sword
estan aqui – cuddle me the hanky
once worn around a wrist then wrapped
around a hot pink stuffed unicorn
reads in sharpied marker
how it flutters in the wind – a grand finale
after the sparkle letters that spell PLEZ,
the ring which matches 3 others,
and the magic black-brown swirled shiny beans
sometimes bridges are made just for
tossing things off of onto the tracks below
trish’s sneeze heard from
across the yard while i hang laundry
from the great mildew roundup of 2016
which isn’t as bad as the great mildew roundup
of 2015 was

in the absences
common space table becomes desk
across from which mo sits with a bucket of green geans
awaiting her phone call
tear drop shaped alyson says
of the patch of red around the mysterious bug bites
appearing on her limbs


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