because of all the becauses

how i gasp/laugh

at the feeling of a tree frog (mottled gray)

jumping out of the water sheath for the scythe blade and

landing on my hand (between thumb knuckle and

pointer finger knuckle)

and how it stays there

rotating around on its grabby fingers/toes

while i weed the chicken yard garden along the fence

with one hand


i find myself running from people these days

not towards them i tell stan in his bright tie-dye

while i arrange strawflowers and globe amaranth

in a wide mouth mason jar

at the kitchen table


smiling to myself at the over-the-topness

of the kesha lyrics landing in my ears via headphones

and how the music makes me miss

some queer ass dance nights

and all the antics that go with them

and how it also reminds me of

when life/relationships

feel like the same feeling as a pop song

and how i want that reeling, that rush

(though i know where it will eventually get me)

(and let’s not talk about

how i didn’t get on my bike today

to ride 50 miles to canton

because of all the becauses)


7something p.m. sun

that’s making its way horizonwards

glowing through the hot and light pink petals

of exquisite wild cleome

that has sprouted up

over by the west end of the black currant patch

and this i think to myself while harvesting broccoli

from raggedy plants (but good broccoli, especially

considering its late purple-leafed stunted beginning)

is what it is all about

a momentary locating of



they’re cooling mo calls out

across the backyard

about the chocolate no bake cookies

on wax paper on a pan

in the freezer


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