the morningness

i don’t have to go out i call out
making my way back to the end zone
but i already have given up
and i think about how sometimes
when someone is hard to keep up with on the field
i think of their age (they usually are the young ones)
take meggie, for instance, in her 20s and
a track/field runner
which may or may not have anything to do with it
but it’s where my brain goes
similar to when i name the size of my tires/gears
when it comes to my bike which maxes out on downhills
around 20 mph
how mica asks if i am/was mad at her this morning
while i massage my peroneal tendons on a styrofoam
water noodle on the pond dock as i explain
the morningness and the having-to-use-the-privy-ness
say/ask/joke  no – should i be?
the meatyness and strong grip
of the three or four hornworms
i find while harvesting
whom i simultaneously
thank and apologize to as i drop them
into the bucket of soapy water
the tomatoes are on!
i call out to mo and baigz
(from the trellised/vining mass of green)
who are scanning the pepper beds for ripeness
where i have filled the 3 gallon bucket with cherry tomatoes
and 2 and 1/2 5-gallon buckets with slicers

the fuschia pink of the experimental kraut
next to the salmon color of the
dollop of carrot butter
plus the green of just cooked edamame pods
see, what does this mean i ask about jack
nuzzling and being all hyper etc.
and mica (dog whisperer) translates
it means he’s got his friend cricket here and
all these other great people
and he’s just so excited
he can barely stand it
mica and i reiterating to each other
some of the reasons why here:
1. the depressingness of packaging
(granola bars, for instance – but not limited to)
2. the depressing/ridiculousness of spending
$3-6 on a jar of salsa
when one can grow and make their own

the crinkling of the fruit bar snack
that ami unwraps as we begin our
late night phone meetup
with laughter and i can imagine her
on the stool at the counter in the kitchen


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