too hot to be doing that

the protein powder drink
mica mixes up in a pint jar
and leaves in her little fridge for me
so that it might be coldish by the time i
reach for it
due to an allergy
to running intervals on the ultimate field
mica goes at it alone and then
i join her later with a frisbee
that she tosses long
again and again
for me to chase

well in that case, i’ll just toss my bike
into the back of your truck i joke
with dean who drives past
on the gravel and stops to say
it’s too hot to be doing that
with ty and cyn and joseph and emory
in the passenger seats
the signs painted with the word bees!
on either end of the short footpath to karma
propped on small sawhorsses
to keep us from traipsing past
the nesting ground bees who have stung
others a total of at least four times

beadlets of sweat
appearing in a sheen on my armsmy neck
at my temples
the fronts of my calves
as i move slowly through the cucumber patch
on a day whose heat index is listed as 104
perfect i tell baigz
about the amount of cooked-ness
he applied to the collander of cooling edamame
on the butcher block

in the hum of the fan
that draws cool night air in
through the window lulling
me to sleep as i write this


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