the pause i take in the midst of the
almost-intolerable busy-busy
to squat in / be held by
the two towering rows
of trellised tomatoes
to really taste the ripe red round
of the cosmonaut volkov tomato
cupped in my hand
at the fact that i did this,
we did this
(in collaboration with seeds, sun, soil and water)
and how this pause helps me re-set/
is like an attitude adjustment)

the quick exchange of eyes
rachel and i give each other
when the topic of mention
is a rice cooker

rachel and frankie in tyler’s handwriting
on a sticky note
on the red-lidded pyrcx
which we come home to
at the end of the night
(and inside: some sweet apple pecan cake magnificence
that we dig our sppons into
with deliciousness)

the 7 quarts of just-pickled okra
lined up (in anticipation of sealing)
on karma counter
and the 7 quart-bags
of  just blanched and cooled broccoli
i pack and store in teh walk in freezer
we love you dottie! i call out
from the sweet small audience
gathered under shelter
of the critter kitchen in the hours
of golden last light
gilding the oval leaves
of the gargantuan tree
behind dottie strumming/singing
the kid who in the middle of the show
turns wide-eyed and scared-sad calling for his mama
who said she’d be back soon
how we pause under the miky-wayed sky
and i say other people have shown me
(meaning crestone, meaning taos)
but i don’t hold/carry them
when rachel asks about constellations
take a sort of sabbath i say
about tomorrow


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