then the light breaking

post-frisbee, trish, baigz and i
walk past the sound of piano
drifting out the common house
and then turn back to join
the player (whose name i don’t remember,
but is visiting from fairfield)
on drum/percussion and in costume
for one song
like a flashmob
and just as quickly as we came/played/brought rhythm
we leave

the plunk of the season’s
first tomatillos
landing at the bottom of a five gallon bucket
as i work my way up/down the rows
of plants who came back (along with the tomatoes)
from the edge of not lookin so hot at all
a great spill of metal pipe parts
on the kitchen table/floor as joseph
works to install a new on-demand water heater
that means we will no longer be living life on the
“i almost burned my hair off/
almost blew my face off/
almost burned the kitchen down” edge
at dinner attempting
to explain the cultural pheomenon to em
of why we wear shoes
in public

that sky
as seen from look-far garden where i weed
scarlet-edged cloud and
then the light breaking through
first night in weeks
that moonstar’s meow isn’t heard
on the other side of the window screen
most likely because
she is fighting infection
and feeling what my mom would call crummy


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