in the humid aftermath

loud thunder cracking
across sky
out-running the lightning
as i slowly roll into wake
on this day slated for tree-trimming/felling
joseph-made buttermilk pecan pancakes
how i chow one down and put one on a plate
with a ramekin of sorghum
to deliver
you do a lot of work here
she says after spending some weeding time
in the north garden tomatoes
i respect that / you
rachel in the kitchen
levering bike tire away from wheel
as i peel skin from the beets and sift
flour with the steel crank sifter
and when i ask for the story
behind the blue/yellow jersey shirt she
says when i was in sri lanka
i played on this professional sri lankan cricket team

and how i believe her for a moment before asking
fifty miles, eleven hours
her dad says

when i ask about the ultra-marathon
and when i ask about training he says
it’s a lifestyle
and how, when he comments on the farm,
i joke, it’s not a lifestyle – we’re in training
five mosquito bites in less than five minutes
on my way to harvest small handfuls of parsley
and a simple bouquet
(of strawflowers, globe amaranth and
one dahlia)
in the humid aftermath of this morning’s rain
on a quiet day
i can hear her breathing
a new world is possible
she’s on her way
how we stumble at first
with the timing and pitch
but soon enough
over the dinner we are about to eat we
are singing the three part round
the tiniest of tiny pieces i request
of the challah we feed each other
shabbat-style around the butcher block
with the braid of bread baigz baked
what’s the thing
you are most afraid to tell me
mo sharing the thing
isaak says to her
while we color and embellish the
swim like a fish, emory poster
for tomorrow’s meet

the best thing about earphones is
that no one else can hear
and i laugh/smile to myself
at the songs pandora throws me
on the eye of the tiger playlist
(including but not limited to
guns and roses, motley crue,
def leppard, guns n’ roses)
while i send the elastic through the machine
stitching harness by harness
into the late-ish night
from the water world:


A Filipino girl takes a dip in a used tire at a vulcanizing shop in suburban Manila, Philippines. – voice of america, day in photos


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