designing for abundance

we all gotta get as sweaty as we can
emory calls out for the last point
before we had pondwards
rachel’s exclamation at the
small small library in the town of  la plata
as we drive through
there are usually a couple older women out front
working on a puzzle adam tour-guides us
nice towel/shirt/cape i say
to two year old johanna
who is wearing just that

we’re always trying to build
buildings that last forever,
what would happen if we built something quick
and compostable
adam says about the experiment of a building
whose cob walls we lean into
designing for abundance
adam says somewhere in the prairie
or in the wall of the forest we pass through
or on the picnic planket pondside
and rachel takes note
the four red squares on the weather page
for the next four days indicating
extreme heat advisories
butterfly weed adam says of the bright orange
flowering wild thing
it’s too bad they have to put the word weed in its name
the two spotted fawns
on the side of the road where w becomes m and how
i swerve to keep from hitting them
and how close the collision was
and how lucky that there wasn’t traffic
in the oncoming lane
(and how i’ve already killed kazillions of insects
and probably frogs and worms,
maybe snakes)

an invitation
for two minutes
in the frost of the walk in freezer

the coppers and magentas of the setting sun
as i wind/weave the next layer of twine
on south garden tomatoes


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