in dusk light

my back sweating through teal sleeveless tee
into the pillows as i gear-shift and steer
(pillows that are necessary
in order for me to see over the hood)
mississippi picnic and reunion
in fort madison, iowa
food from sandhill fields meets
food that traveled from the desert north
how we race the rain on the way home and win

how we fill the front of the truck
with songs teaching each other
break em on down
break em on down
break em on down
these walls between us
rainwet and shivering
how we all go out in the downpour to dance/
celebrate (tookie, adam, rachel and i)
how the cold drips off our eyebrows,
our noses, our cheekbone curves
we warm ourselves
under the afternoon covers
after toweling off the rain

how we joke about joy
as if she were a person
(joy was with me,
gardening/biking/etc with joy)
popsico-ing spontaneously in the kitchen
after dinner
passing the dance moves
from person to person
my hands are high
my feet are low and
this is how i popsico

what makes you feel at home here
and what makes you feel not at home here
she asks as we wend our way back
in dusk light


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