just a few rescues

the cynthia-surprise chocolate bar
and several pass-along clothing items

left outside my door
discovered upon opening it
in the morning
it’s been too long
since i’ve been porch-princed
tiny frog (size of my thumbnail)
hopping from grass at edge of karma
onto my sandaled foot
and then hopping off again

the rhythm of dough balling
then pressing
then rolling out and cutting in half
then dabbing the edges with water before
pinching them together to form
a cone held cupped in my left palm
while i scoop potato/spice/veggie (samosa)
filling in by the spoonful with my right
the two ginormous blackberries that trish
delivers to the butcher’s block for me
just a few rescues from
where the tractor just took out the blackberry trellis
(and the vines with it)
and also sliced cynthia’s hat in half
it’s all clay trish reports back
on how the digging of dennis’s grave went
my shadow, bare-shouldered and bobbing before me
in the moonlight glowing
on white gravel road
as i run


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