the healing throw

dennis’s body in our walk in freezer
(storage between death and burial)
the skin-bones shape of it
draped in white vinyly zip up shroud
and how i accidentally
bump into his feet with my foot
as i step in to leave a small bundle
of strawflowers and glob amaranth
on him

sad potato year we say out in the lookfar potatoes
but good kale year
good parsely year
good winter squash year
cynthia and i sawing, snipping, dragging, clearing
and then hauling it all away before we measure and mark
the 14 x 16 spot
which we then hang her camping hammock in

the salty sesame stick mix
in the open container on the truck seat
between cynthia and i as we head
back to the farm
the spinning light-up disc
that passes from emory to trish to me to baigz’s dad to baigz
and there is the jellyfish color
that you get stung if you catch it
in that light blue glow
and then there is the healing throw
that i swirl slow motion around emory
after he has been jellyfish-stung
grounding with you before landing
she says when i ask
if there’s anything she’ll want/need
moon lighting the cloud-mottled sky and the trees
this hammock i sway in is strapped to
rising up around me


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