the moving shadows
of circling swifts
between the sun and me
as i pedal across the fabius bridge
and back again on A
and how ridiculous it takes a triathalon
to get me back out here
the hum of my wheels rolling beneath me
the screech/call of the red-tailed hawk
that lifts itself from the electrical/telephone pole
as i pedal past
and how i watch as much as i can while
picking up speed headed downhill
and how i thank their soaring
for the encouragement

coming from the basketball ‘court’
that make me smile as i sweat
while weaving a new layer of twine
amongst the Tposts and tomatoes in south garden

plant brass scrawled on my hand
so that those kale/collard seeds
will go from jar/envelope
to soilblocks so that they will sprout
and be planted in time to
become a fall/winter harvest
emory and i counterweighting each other
on the voyage (which is the name for the ginormous
tire tractor tube we motor with our kicks out
into the middle of the pond)
so we can each take turns
jumping off
you’re makin me some lemonade
emory says as we descend sappy limbs to the ground
which was the price of the bet about whether or not
i could climb as high as he could
in the pine tree
and the thing is
i am physically capable of such a feat
but the differences in our body weights
as we reach the higher thinner branches
is what determines who
can get the highest

hottest june in the world on record,
honduran environmentalist/activist (and leader of a campaign against the construction
of a privatized hydro-electric dam
along a river in the region of la paz) from an indigenous rights organization murdered
and her body found near a garbage dump,
800,000 gallons of crude oil into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River
in 2010 due to a massive pipeline (owned by Enbridge) break
how can we
listen to these headlines
and keep listening
(enough heartbreak for a lifetime
crammed into the first 5 minutes
of democracy now)
there have always been
brutal violences
just like there has always been
more beauty than we think we can handle
i say
getting macro about
wanting to live
in a world that never saw the need
to invent a semi-automatic weapon,
a world that never saw the need
for militaries or cops or
trainings that teach people
how to kill other people
or entire scores of them,
a world that isn’t driven
by the power of money
which is just a concept attached
to pieces of metal and paper
but somehow determines
who has access to what resources and how much,
a world where no one knows what it’s like
to feel unsafe
or to lose those who could have been saved
if it weren’t for lack money which means lack of access to health care
i want to live in a world
where none of us have known what it feels like to sometimes not know
how to move forward or be in life because
they never chose to be born
into this weave of violence and indescribable (even though
it is described to us every day across news and social media) crueler-than-cruelty
from the water world:
Workers reinforce the electric pylons at a flooded area as Typhoon Nepartak approaches in Xuancheng, Anhui Province, China. – voice of america, day in photos


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