the story is a setup

when you don’t take
care of yourself what
are you taking care of
bruin asks in the gentle and brilliant way
he happens to do
how we land inside our own skin
might take a different path
than we think it should

the story is a setup
it took care of things once
but creates a setup of not being
able to ever get what you want

how it feels visionary/breakthroughish
to be taking what feels like the first moment
in weeks to sit/be in this body
and still, i can hear all that kale in the walk-in
calling my name
which they will continue to do
until they’re processed
the shhhhhhhhing! of machete blade against

the series of stalks growing
alogn the cistern pipe that i
swing by swing
with a dull (not sorghum season) blade
take down

the storm, like so many others this season,
gives us dark skies,
thunder and
kicked-up wind
but only seven drops of rain

a barking woodpile
(jack, in the deep recesses of
the whitehouse woodstacks
barking, muffled, and unseen)
emory carrying
wrapped in his arms
the gallon glass jar
of lemonade he and mo made
with spearmint/peppermint leaves


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