but i can still see the skinny arms

5 drops i write stan
about yesterdays rain
and 10 drops a few days earlier
and now, my today’s update would be
25 drops
and i think about that goldfish swimming

in the slowly evaporating waters
in what remains in its watcr catchment barrel home
sharing sharing cynthia and i sing
and make goofy faces side by side
about our successful co-navigation of
cooking in the same kitchen
at the same time,
her on cheesy rice muffin and
stir fried bean patrol and me
with mounds of dough that will
soon enough
become crackers
and the kitchen has turned itself inside out
in the chaos of guests and preparation
my favorite part i exclaim to kris/ten
while flipping the tray of just-baked crackers
onto the butcher block
time to get low alyssa says
from her spot in the canoe
preparing for trish and baigz in their bodysuits
to pondjump in
where we, in whatever finery we’ve decided to leave on
float – our arms hooked over innertubes
for a front-pond-seat view/witness
of the vowing
there are worries
about what we will do
if it rains
(we being the attendees of
baigz & trish’s wedding celebration)
and many of us, because of the drought,
say what do you mean what will we do?
we will keep dancing,
we will celebrate

the light that shines through
the blue glass jars perched on
sawhorse tables and

a complicated word that mo uses
to describe the red/maroon yarn
woven from limb to ground and back again
shaping space in the cemetery into a temporary
living room
other work is mostly invisible

how alyson and i
waltz in the uneven grass
to the bob dylan song that ty plays
first we oom-pah-pah it
and then we keep doing so with
contact improv antics and flair
my happy place i call out to cynthia
from the bench where moonstar the cat-kitten
curls purred and nodding off in my lap
while the whirls of almost-storm wind
kick up in the branches above
while i watch the cloudsky change
colors and shapes how i
could sit and watch the sky
(with or without cat, but the cat
is half of the sweetness)
for as long as it takes
to change and then
i could watch the stars blink on and
carve their way across night
how the adolescent raccoon and i
both look up to find each other
(heading towards each other along
the same curve of gravel road)
at the same time
and how the raccoon startles into a tree
and i stand cautious-still
then move closer as we staring-contest for a while
until racoon starts
hiding their entire body
behind the trunk but i can still see the skinny arms
reaching up along the trunksides


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