my cloud

7 oclock and sleepy eyed
tookie, cyn, tyler, mo and i
load up in the truck with hoes and files
to slay the cockle burr in field three a
or maybe it’s twelve
how we joke about coming back around
to paint quotation marks around the word puppy
on the free puppy sign
because when we stop to check this free puppy out
this dog is clearly not one (a puppy)
and hasn’t been one for a long time
the half doughnut glazed and
passed up from the back seat as i sip on
some ginger brew
which is what we allow ourselves
after the cockle burr takedown
i’ll slap you with a crepe dottie says
somewhere in the day about something
which i don’t remember at the moment but know
that we were both laughing
the crinkle of the repurposed
tyvek-like cat food bag
as i maneuver it under the presser foot
while sewing the red zipper on
slipping into the sweetness
of an afternoon 1/2 hour nap
before chasing the disc around on the field
on a 95-100 degree heat index day
the rounds of banana i slice and
arrange on the teal plate before
dropping dabs of peanut butter and
drizzling a little cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and salt
on top
the maroon pink of beet juice after i
shred and shred
stickign to my serious summer/trapeze callouses
it would be interesting i say
(after tony tells us about laura and her family
dropping the words my and mine from their vocabulary)
to interview people on which words
they have or would eliminate from their vocabulary
and how that would or does reshape/change things
[for instance, how the idea of ownership,
when dropping my and mine,
is rewritten]
and mica reflects on the word should
and i talk about the word sorry
and then we continue to make jokes

about my cloud
and all the things we should do


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