i say of the sun

i took too much yesterday
i say of the sun when molly notes

my longsleeve button up coverage
daggers in my throat
baigz says

about the symptoms of his sickness
from his couch perch
looking worn
in the morning
the way the cone-shaped cabbages

(caraflex variety mostly) nestle
head by head into each other
as i place them in black crates
to become a total harvest of
approximately 160 pounds

rhada in her small pink crocs
because she is a small sized human
chasing ducklings around in the chicken yard
and how their soft snuffling and cooing-but-not-cooing/squeaking sounds
draw my attention

red earth’s land day gift i joke
about how many of us are covered in
red welty chigger bites
maybe we’ll see the bobcat i say
to cynthia as we ascend slater hill
popcorn bowl in one hand
blanket in another

how from our blanket perch
amongst the persimmon trees
we sky-watch and i note
the feathery clouds resembling
the feathery leaves
of what might be a locust tree
or something else completely
from the water world:
A mural by unknown artists is seen on an abandoned building that used to be a water pumphouse for water from the Jordan River, in the Jordan Valley, Israel – voice of america, day in photos 

Men get soaked by a large wave at the sea front in Mumbai, India. – voice of america, day in photos  


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