pleasing geometry

the collection of digging forks
upright in the ground in north garden
how i want to take a picture
but am without camera
and how difficult it is to let such a pleasing arrangement
go without catching it on ‘film’
(something about the combination of pleasing geometry
and weathered handles/chipped paint)
tookie and i at the chop saw taking turns
holding the 4×4 and lowering the spinning blade
down in

walking away from the tap tap tap in karma woodshop
(where cyn and tookie
take hammers/mallets to chisels to wood)
and into the tap tap tap sound-filled air
of red bellied woodpeckers
bill against tree trunks
a sense of racing the weather while
harvesting as much kale as i possibly can
while the slate colored clouds
sweep in quick from the west
which some rumblings accompany
so slow it is simultaneously
comical and painful
like moving through water
hauling this garden cart
how sometimes the sky/clouds/sunset
take what seems to be their job
of doing something indescribable
very seriously
like tonight
how the last sun rays were visible
shining just under the rim of
blue/grey/white of cloud cover


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