the coolness that enters me

sucking in as deep of breaths
as i possibly can of freshly dried peppermint
the coolness that enters me similar/comparable to
jumping into a body
of cool clear water
stainless steel bowl
in my lap/held by the shape of me
as i strip dried peppermint leaves
from their dried peppermint stems
whilst sitting atop the rainbow/lilac colored blanket
in the orchard next to the solar dehydrators
in the day’s first patches of shade (meaning:
the sun is lowering itself into
the treeline)

when i ask about the burny part
(smoke seen rising near karma
while cynthia and mike go about
their barrel-making)mike explains how charring the barrels
(light, medium and heavy)
changes the color/flavor of the

the thing about otis reddings voice
is that there is not just one thing
but how it makes me fall into myself,
how it reminds me of the time of discovering the distant sound
of the humming light rail heard from
the window the mornings i woke
at milo’s side,
how i didn’t know what was coming next
as i swooned hard/deep in the sea of what was,
how i want a word
for the melting-into
that his honey voice plus horns
ferries me to
angled shadows of spider plants
cast on bedroom wall in the
rectangle of loft window moonlight

sewing the zigs and zags of black elastic and pausing
to take note during krista tippet’s interview with rebecca solnit
who shares these gems, amongst others:
there used to be products advertised in comic books and things, instant results guaranteed or your money back. If disappointment is your goal, that’s a sure-fire recipe for it… Occupy Wall Street was pronounced a failure before it had really gotten going. at one point there were Occupies in New Zealand, and Japan, and Europe – in California alone, there were about 400 Occupies at the peak in late 2011. And they dispersed as these encampments in people — in which people had these extraordinary dialogues. The impact of those dialogues is hard to measure. But you can look at Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as and in Bill de Blasio of New — the mayor of New York as people who are kind of carrying those frameworks into the mainstream. And into electoral politics. And you can also look at both national things, the movement against punitive student debt and …

what’s interesting is that a lot of people believe those stories. [in reference to: untruths that were reported write large about violence/thuggishness/savageness in new orleans after katrina – the guys who got portrayed as gangsters and things were the wonderful rescuers and these really able-bodied young guys who did amazing things.] And we often treat stories like they’re very trivial, they’re story hour for kids or that — but people live and die by stories. And people died of vicious stories in New Orleans. And everybody could have been evacuated in 24 hours. Everybody could have been evacuated beforehand.

Whenever I look around me, I wonder what old things are about to bear fruit, what seemingly solid institutions might soon rupture, and what seeds we might now be planting, whose harvest will come at some unpredictable moment in the future.


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