ice cream rendezvous

molecular cohesion/non-cohesion baigz says
about the current state of the group
and the nature of collective living

tossing drops of mint water
with a sprig of spearmint
to ty and trish and cynthia and tookie
as we heat-wilt on the porch
just like a catholic priest
blessing a congregation
the shock/delight of the smallest bits of cool
landing on skin

the blankets we lay in the truckbed
per mo’s suggestion so we
don’t burn our asses off when we pile in
for our post-meeting ice cream rendezvous
at zimm’s

sounded like a cat but bigger
both tookie and mo say
about the creature they heard last night
outside sugar shack
which they’re guessing to be
a bobcat
how the dust rising off the gravel road
when a car passes tells the story
of our need/want/hope for rain
Women carry pitchers filled with drinking water in Devmali village in the desert state of Rajasthan, India.


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