big fish

leaning my sleep off
onto an orange water cooler
in the home nest while rosie
disseminates info
to this small gathering of water fairies in training
what remains, says aimee
only is our choice
to love each other

the planet was a hard place for her
to be on/in someone says about her client
just as a fluff floats past my face
and this is where i say
hey minna and think
of all the others too
big fish i joke with mica
while pointing to alyson underwater gliding past
in the cool bluff-lined creek waters
the songs heard from across the commons
as their notes lift up from the creek
zack’s leather shirt
(most likely hunted and tanned etc. by him)
under my palm as we laugh with teeth showing and swing
up/down the contra line

my heart is in my throat she
who lives mostly in santa cruz
says about the anza borrego/coyote/cougar canyon
that we have in common
while the post-storm sky
softens into looking like something one could eat
and would most likely be sherbet flavored


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