we sing into

ra ra in the onions and i
two beds over in the kale
(her weeding and me
pulling in the last part of the first kale harvest)
asks if i get lonely here
which she later clarifies like this
i mean, do you miss being around other queers
emory calls out my name

the way he does running to me in south garden
i heard a rumor you really wanted a compass ring
(referring to one of the many delightful
components of the loot that fell from his
birthday piñata yesterday)
handing me

the blue plastic with moving pieces that sometimes
but rarely point north
which i fit onto
my pinky finger

karma kitchen abuzz with afternoon processing:
tyler on strawberries (cutting off the rotten parts and
bagging up the good parts to go in the freezer),
cynthia pitting cherry after cherry and me
destemming kale, ripping it and then mixing it in
“nacho” sauce (lemon juice, cashew butter, salt, cumin, chili powder, nutritional yeast)
before laying it out on dehydrator trays and sheet pans

the caution – hot sign
that ra ra places on the dining room table
alongside the just-baked chocolate muffin-puff cookies

the song mo teaches us
at dinner circle that we sing into
a two part round:
cherries so ripe and round
only a penny a pound
who’ll buy, who’ll buy
these things i say
holding my palm open to cynthia and pointing
to the callouses
not sure if it’s from trapeze practice,
morning pull ups or
the hoeing
and cynthia says this is pretty much
the constant state of my hands
and when people shake them they go
similarly to how the

dusty hedgehog was conceived
and how the field day/carnival of this year’s land day
was conceived
we sit at dinner
on the porch laughing
at how to turn a sandhill tour
into the unhaunted haunted house
that never yet was
(which would include butoh performances
like cutting the weeds/grass one blade
at a time or
djembe josh breaking it down
in a one person drum circle of his own or
baigz and trish having wild animal sex
in a muddy ditch
or tyler harvesting the fruits
of the dingleberry bush)
while i tie fabric to the
greenhouse tomato trellises she tells me
from two time zones away how she
thought of me when reading
about one way
to bring happiness into one’s life
is to notice the details of the day
the word for how we (cynthia and i) prepare ourselves

at the trapeze before lifting the weight of our legs,
our core up with our arms
not trepidation but
some sortof love/hate something

she shows me
the scissor exercise (which kills/cramps my thighs),
the catcher’s lock sit ups
and the straddle-ups
to add to the straight leg raise/lower
post sunset
in the gardens i pluck
the first fava bean
still too small to eat the way
i like to eat them but
to exciting not to celebrate
from the water world:

Cattle are herded through floodwaters toward higher ground near Chenango, Texas. – voice of america, day in photos

A helicopter makes a water drop run at the “Old Fire”, which is burning in Calabasas, California, USA. – voice of america, day in photos




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