who holds the history

the hustle is on i say at the meeting
regarding these 9am – 9pm on-my-feeet days
how joseph and trish both separately remember
my story of the celestial seasonings mint room
as i share deep inhales
from the jar of peppermint i just processed
saying i want to start my days
like this (like this = inhaling
the cool ting of peppermint
far as i can into the
lowest part of my lungs)
who holds the history i say
about the small towns
with boarded up buildings
how bob neese mistakes
the word cat for the word calf
when i call to ask him for the vet number
and shows up ready
to give a shot of antibiotics

utah philips telling the story
of eddie belchowski and
ani chorusing holding on holding on in the background
and how i surprise myself by
the ani flashback cookshift playlist
and think about songs that give me goosebumps
on the backs of my calves
arranged and served on the butcher block:
onion/toasted seed crackers and pesto crackers
sesame oil dressing marinated snow peas
massaged kale salad decorated with a slice of radish with a heart
cut out of its middle

a bite of baklavah
(made from scratch  – turkish style, meaning:
no honey, just simple syrup)
brought by cynthia’s mom and stepdad
from the restaurant
in hannibal that we once stopped at
but never went inside


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