dusks like these

three blooms on one of the
cosmos plants in the mini-landscaped patch
outside my window,
petals edged in hot purple-pink,
their insides fading  to white
three swedish fish emory hands me
from the goody bucket from his birthday rendezvous
with the grandparents this weekend
while i eat my toasted just-baked cinnamon raisin bread
with peanut butter
melty on top
how summer feels already here
(sunburnt shoulders, warm-humid air, one-after-another full days of getting shit done [bread baking, chimichurri processing, weeding, planting, mulching, building, etc.]
though the to-do list continues to be hefty)
and the tomato plants aren’t even fruiting yet
(which is a true sign of summer, if you ask me)
red house painters sounds
playing in tyler’s room as he vacuums vents and
spring cleans the shit
out of every surface
glimpsing a sight
of emory in the distance hunting cabbage moths
with a badminton racket
(leaping and running and tackling
in the tall cistern-side grass)
and the sweat on his pink-cheeked face
that comes as a result
you could make them every week
i say and i wouldn’t mind a bit
when joseph asks about getting tired
of what happens to be the best home made
tortillas on the planet
the bright red of the first strawberry harvest
laid out against the yellow/gold
hay-mulched paths
in the pre-sunset, after dinner light
i want a word
for dusks like these
when wink kicks up and
moves across skin
(the sheer fact the temperatures are warm enough
to leave skin exposed
is enough of a celebration)
while sky pinks/purples
and the songs of birds rise against it
and i take it, from this perch in the hammock,
as much as i can
on me
into me
candle light thrown off/flickering
against cedar room walls where i
squat with permission,
the lushness/denseness of forest
rising up around me
from the water world:
Syrian refugee children collect water at the Al-Zaatari refugee camp in Mafraq, Jordan, near the border with Syria.
– voice of america, day in photos

Cars and debris are seen in a flooded street in the town of Braunsbach, in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.
– voice of america, day in photos


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