rarer and rarer

i don’t believe in scarcity
(am trying not to) i say at this time of year
when time becomes a rarer and rarer
screw that! tyler and i invent the name
for our construction company while we
build a mini frame for one of the walls
of the pond-side maple treehouse

lightning-hunting i call it later,
how i ran down the back road to chase
the last light of the day and what it was doing
to the clouds and what the were doing to the sky
and what the lightning was doing to it all including myself
and how it is the second time today i find myself
sitting in the middle of a gravel road
(the other was earlier,
when i went to see if the baby snake (prairie king snake?)
was where i last passed it on the edge of the road
not long ago on my way down
as i walk back up and discover
that in those short 5 minutes
it had been smashed,
most likely run over
by the black car as stan took off
for another round of inspections
how i had to sit there with it,
guts rupturing)
from yesterday’s build:
we learn how to make a drop cut
with a worm drive
amongst other things


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