some of them splayed

tiny frog leaping
on top of the thick thick mulch
in the tomato beds
in lookfar as we carry more mulch
by the wagonload
by the cartful
by the pitchfork
to cover the paths
the small dot of blood
in the place, just below the ear,
where ashby’s fur gets thin
the dust rising
off the road that has not yet been rained on
(since grading)
even though the weather has been saying
60% for the past two days
and i think about/try not to think about
the sorghum starts in the fields
some of them tucked properly in the soil
some of them splayed
roots exposed to the dry heat
tienes lycra trish says
(lycra is pronounced leeecra, in this case)
on the dinner couch,
and the magic of being transported,
simply by a phrase that was often repeated
during our three weeks in ecuador
several winters ago
and then there is mark darkly’s voice
and laugh in my inbox and how this too
transports me
not so much to a time/place
but to my own laughter and how
it has always been like that between us
laugh summoning laugh
until it’s sometimes hard to even see
the seam that holds them together

from the water world:
This handout picture by the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) shows the shipwreck of an overcrowded boat of migrants off the Libyan coast. At least seven migrants have drowned after the overcrowded boat overturned, the Italian Navy said. Five hundred people were pulled to safety, but rescue operations were continuing and the death toll could rise, the navy said. – voice of america, day in photos


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