laughing at the enormity of it

tray of fermented raisin sourdough
morning breads
set out on butcher block
how i slice some cheddar and pair them
together for a quick out-the-door breakfast
attempting to hang laundry fast
a task that seems impossible
to do quickly
what i think is a heron (its feet out behind it in flight)
gliding into view
above me against bright deep sky
as i approach, pedaling, the clearing
where gravel meets pavement
the huge pile (at least 10 feet tall) of brick
caleb points out saying
i asked them to save me some and both of us
laughing at the enormity of it
right next to where there was once
a huge old beautiful building
the costume box out in the front yard
as i bike past while emory and cole rehearse
their last-day-of-sandhill-homeschool-for-the-year play
(the gods and goddesses bake-off)
which we will all later
simultaneously watch/participate in
and which will end in the reveal of an actual cake
under an upside down sawed-in-half
50 gallon blue barrel
on the falling apart kid wagon
and then
there is this part (1:11-2:00)
in this version
of miserere mei deus
that can be found nowhere else
(the song can be found everywhere sung by everyone
but the very particular lilt in this version
can be found nowhere but in this version)
from the water world:
A Buddhist monk cleans the statue of Lord Buddha ahead of his birth anniversary, in a monastery in Bhopal, India.


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