of dimensionality

mica leaving witty wishes
of dimensionality upon our departure
after i report, outside teh greenhouse door,
feeling kindof flat
the fuschia bloom of
one of the first flowering cosmos plants
as seen from bedroom window
working the red-handled trowel
into the clayest of clay soil
around the cistern
where i lower sunflower starts
into ground along with
a handful of compost/manure
the light
that breaks through
(cantaloupe flesh-colored)
the place in the sky that is some cloud
and some not cloud after
the thick blanket of rain
that threw itself down finally
how that light is enough as i pedal
the hills and curves home and then
on the road before dipping down to the bridge and then
back up again to the cemetary
the appearance of two deer
in stillness, roadside
(iappearing to be, perhaps, mama and her young one)
which means i also stop moving
even though i want to inch closer
to watch their tan/brown bodies
in this melon colored light
and let it all rush in
you made it you made it!!!! emory calling out
from the front porch as i
pedal up the drive in a borrowed (against the rain,
which pretty much let up as i embarked)
and he meets me on the stairs
to lead me to the last square of brownie they all
so kindly saved with me (with hint of
cardamom and cinnamon)
and then he tells me about how he
spin-kicked george in the stomach


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